Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Just Keep Eating

There is something about New Years that makes me want to hide away. Staying up all night, making resolutions and pressuring yourself about them.

I'm not a fan.

Especially when it comes to dieting. I don't hold with dieting at the best of time. I don't think it works for most people and I find the rhetoric of the diet world troubling and... dangerous in some respects.

And that is why I want to hide at this time of year. Normally sane people who I love and admire are talking with these hateful words. They are talking about how much they hate themselves (and I know, not about me, but that shit is contagious) and their bodies and I don't want to listen anymore.

Dignified silence isn't my specially so forgive the rant. I just want to beg people to stop with this madness. Sure eat food that makes you feel good. Eat vegetables, juice like crazy. But not to loose weight. Please. It's an uphill battle that you probably aren't going to win. And that's fine because just the way you are is right by me.

I say you but I'm addressing myself here because I need the reminder too. I need the reminder a lot at the moment actually.

What gets to me even more is the demonisation of food. In the last couple of days I've read (and I'm not naming names because these are people I love and respect) that food is addictive. That we must fight against our craving for it. That hunger is a good sign. That feeling faint is a good sign, means you are detoxing.

In my book it means you need to eat something and ignoring those feelings of nausea or feeling faint is the opposite of a healthy start to the new year. Please don't do that to yourself.

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