Monday, 27 February 2012

New Toys In The Lunch Box

Last weekend I went to London. I assure you that sounds more exciting than it was. Way more exciting. Let's try again. Last weekend I went for a meeting in London. I saw the inside of a meeting room and, trains and a replacement bus service. It was a great meeting, but it was a meeting. 

I had just about time for a mooch around a few shops. Muji (why did they close the one in Manchester's corn exchange? I love Muji stationary, now I can only pick up their awesome pencil crayons when I visit London) Liberty and possibly Japan Centre. After consulting a map I decided to start with Japan Centre. It took me an hour to find it. It was pathetic. I was walking up and down Regent Street for what felt like forever... before I realised I'd misread the directions. What can I say, I'm dyslexic and I'd been up since four in the morning. I just had time to find Japan Centre, pick up a few things on my hit list and just make it to Paddington before the train left. 
Bunnies and Butterflies, there is some food in there somewhere too

One thing on my hit list? Bento picks. And cutters. I got a spring themed cutter set and 'diamond' picks. Both I used to decorate the vegetable mix-ins that go with the curried noodles. So that is curried noodles with red pepper, edamame and broccoli, with a cup of apple and grapes.
Leafy green lunch, I hope that isn't a cabbage white
The picks came out to play again for this box. Rolled up tortilla with cream cheese and spinach, kale crisps and a few apple bunnies.
I can't look at this picture long enough to write a caption, makes my mouth water.
But this box? This is my favourite. Since I heard of it's existence I knew I had to try Inarizushi. Rice in a deep fried sushi pocket? Sign me up! But I had no idea just how delicious they would be. I'm totally in love. They are topped with sesame salt (for no reason other than it taking up space in the fridge) and packed along with orange carrots (from Just Bento Cookbook) and grapes. If you want to try some Inarizushi in the UK you can buy the seasoned pockets from Japan Centre. They do a couple of kinds but this one is veggie. And fabulously delicious.

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