Saturday, 3 March 2012

Incredible Edible Ramsbottom

It's odd when something you grew up with becomes famous. When you see it on TV, read about it in books, when your head Gardener asks you if you know about it. That's how I feel about the Incredible Edible Towns.

Incredible Edible Todmorden was the first, and the most well known but the Incredible Edible movement is spreading to many of the North West towns of my childhood. I knew that I had to visit at least one Incredibly Edible town as I stayed with my Dad. Ramsbottom won out. Mainly because of the bad weather and my Aunt who lives there having a new puppy.
Sleepers to match to local steam trains
We took the grown up dogs on a quick tour. Stopping by the raised beds outside a closed pub and the fire station. Peering over backyard fences to peek at Chickens (with permission of course) Even in the winter there where plenty of edibles about. Strawberries and Artichokes getting ready for the new season. Hardy Herbs and over wintered Chard. A public compost bin and a place to swap veg. Taking a look at the events calender gets me excited too. A wassail is to come and, last year, an event celebrating my favourite foraged food; ramsons or wild garlic. After all that's what Ramsbottom is named for. What, did you think it was dirty?

Bins For The Incredible Leftovers
A town I visited almost every week as a kid has placed itself on the front-line of the battle to produce healthy, cheap, local food. And to honour the importance of labour and community as well as fabulous food. I couldn't be more in awe.
Because I couldn't get away without showing you the pup

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  1. This is great, and if you are up this way again any time do pop across to Todmorden we should love to show you around, and we have incredible cake.