Monday, 21 May 2012

Plant Dyed Yarns

So Stroud? That place was awesome. Really awesome. I bought some lovely plant dyed wool there that made me stop and think. I have plants. I like wool. Why aren't I doing this? Well, I continued to think about it. I ordered a copy of Wild Colour and kept on thinking.
It's all about the slouches
While I was thinking I was also knitting. I used the plant dyed wool from Stroud to make a Ysolda's Ripley. I named mine Antique Lace because of the subtle colour of the annato dyed yarn. Check it out on Ravelry for more pictures.
foraged dye stuff and chipped nail polish

Wild Colour arrived and I agonized over the swatches. What could be my first dyeing experiment? Well the Oregon Grape are just starting of ripen up and I have a ball of undyed wool from Abbey Home Farm so... after two goes in the dye bath I got this lovely beige with a hint of pink.
A little blush
 With some birthday money Stephen and I picked out some lovely looking undyed yarns. The one I couldn't wait for was Pipit. At the same time we ordered some alum (both from DT Craft and Design) so this one was mordanted before the dye bath.
And what was in the dye bath? 300g of comfrey. It came out a stunning green. I love plant dyes!

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