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Honeymoon in Bath: 18th May

This week is dedicated to writing all about our honeymoon in Bath, all of the cool places we saw and the fun places we ate. After a relaxing Spa session the night before we woke up in out stunning room in The Bath Priory Hotel...

Up we get and down to the dining room for breakfast. Disappointingly there was no vegetarian option on the menu (well boiled egg but not the same) but they cheerfully made me eggs Benedict without the ham so all is well. All was more than well it was incredible. Like hold the chef at gunpoint and demand to know his hollandaise secrets incredible. Only we didn't have time... places to be and all.

Our first stop was totally my idea. As a former veg grower and total food nerd I like checking out farmers markets even when I can't go home with all the yummy looking chard, artisan bread and cheeses. Bath Farmers Market does offer plenty for the visitor though. 

Looks good, tastes better

We picked up some mango chilli sauce (I did, Stephen isn't a chilli chap). We stopped for a chat with a wonderful soap seller who showed us a picture of her garden full of the plants she uses and told us how she only uses collected rainwater. We left with a bar. I fell in love with these skirts. Stephen sampled an After Eight tart that may have come back with us.

the spread
Then we assembled our mid-morning snack. A macaroon each (mine was mango), a veggie scotch egg for Stephen and some sushi for me. Unfortunately the vegetarian scotch egg was horrible. The egg was wrapped in gooey undercooked stuffing. Everything else was thoroughly enjoyed in a park before we turned round and headed to The Herschel Museum of Astronomy.

"all I see is ceiling"
If you are in Bath this museum is well worth a visit. This is the house where William Herschel lived, played music, made telescopes and discovered Uranus. Uranus. The planet. Discovered. Garden. Go there. It was fascinating and fun to poke around the house where William and his equally awesome sister Caroline lived.

From there we went in the vague direction of lunch stopping first at this bookshop and then at this comic book shop. Both where incredibly friendly. I came out of the bookshop with a copy of How to Make Books by Esther K Smith and Asleep by Banana Yoshimoto (have you read anything by Banana Yoshimoto? You should. Gorgeous does not describe it) Stephen finally got a copy of V for Vendetta from the comic book shop and I caught up on a couple of titles.
Book shop shenanigans
The Bath branch of Lush compelled us to stop. Having a hotel with a giant bath meant we had to pick up some bubble bars and bath bombs. I also indulged in a little leave in conditioner (R&B, it worked very well) to help with the chlorine hair.
The memory of those sundried tomatoes is killing me
After that meander we made it to The Real Italian Pizza Company which is next to the Real Italian Ice Cream Company of last night. We started with a fab bit of bruschetta between us. Mainwise Stephen had Cannelloni and I had pizza with rocket, tomato cheese and basil

For Him

It was perfect pizza, stunningly perfect. The flavours were balanced well, the sauce was especially delicious and the crust just that perfect level of crisp. This is the pizza other pizzas aspire to. Or they should. Get on that pizzas.

For Her
After lunch we felt like heading back to the hotel and trying out the spa. Nothing is going to be as spectacular as hanging out in a naturally heated rooftop pool but it was just as relaxing. The hotel also has a sauna (as well as a steam room) which I can breath in. Yep. I'm thoroughly spoiled. 

When you are tempted to eat the garnish you know it's good food
That evening we went to The Mint Room for some stunning Indian food. Stunning. The restaurant is small and beautifully decorated giving a sense of relaxed luxury. We shared a Vegetarian Platter for two to start. The paneer tikka and onion bahjis being highlights for me. 
Too Hot!
For the mains Stephen had Chennai Sea Bass which he was disappointed by. The accompanying sauce was too spicy for his taste. I had the lovely Palak Kofta which, I admit guiltily, Stephen would have loved as much as I did. The Kofta had an incredible texture, completely crisp on the outside to give a satisfying bite and rich and creamy in the middle.  
Just Right
Desert cheered Stephen up. He had a chocolate moose and I went for the Gulab Jamun. We walked back to the hotel very full after a day of nothing but food. I head to the bath (and my bombs!) and Stephen took a stroll around the garden. 
That's Better


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