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Honeymoon In Bath: 19th May

This week is dedicated to writing all about our honeymoon in Bath, all of the cool places we saw and the fun places we ate. Saturday was full of food so Sunday needed to be a little more active...

We started the day by taking a swim in the hotel's spa. There is a reason I don't exercise before breakfast and that reason had me feeling wobbly after about half an hour. We went upstairs to the dining room and I helped myself to a large amount of the continental breakfast table until I started to feel human again.

Stopping to smell the trees
We hadn't really any plans for Sunday except to walk around the various, numerous, gorgeous parks of Bath. We started in the botanical gardens and wondered into town stopping at Real Italian Ice cream for our mid morning snack. 

Who can resist?

This time I went for a scoop of chocolate and a scoop of mint while Stephen took the conservative option of two scoops of mint. If you do go to Bath (and you eat dairy) I wholeheartedly recommend stopping for a scoop. 
Temptation floats on a river and comes with commentary
As we finished up our ice cream we saw this boat pulling in. We didn't think much of it at first and made our way to the next green space. But on the way we passed where the boat was about to set of and... why not. It was a good decision

One of these days we'll invest in a big ass lens 
The short trip up the river was relaxing (a big plus because at this point I was shattered) beautiful and came with a great view of a kingfisher. I've never seen a kingfisher in real life before so I was happy. Apparently there are a couple of nests around that spot.

Shop here, eat here
After we hopped off the boat it was time to search for lunch. We popped into Bloomsbury on New Bond Street, sellers of all manner of cute and quirky things. Upstairs they have an equally cute and quirky cafe that's decorated to look awesome and has a vegetarian menu. 

Cake For Lunch
Stephen ordered himself a slice of cake and I had a delicious salsa wrap. After filling ourselves up we went back downstairs to look at the merchandise. Out of all the things I wanted to buy I could only afford a set of vintage knitting needles, Gauge 6 and apple green.  

Mine had vegetables in it. I win!
A few doors down there is a tea shop. Stephen has started getting into teas recently (I can't stomach them. I really wish I could because drinking tea comes with all sorts of cool accessories that I want. Unfortunately my sense of taste hates me) so we went in to see if we could pick him up something special. After having a look around he came up with some loose leaf tea with vanilla. 

Tea for... not me
A couple more parks and we went back to the hotel. I had a nap. I was tired, okay. And while I slept peacefully Stephen had a bath full of Lush products. 

Afterwards we had a meal at Aqua. Aqua. There where several positives to eating at Aqua, in fact I think it was Stephen's favourite meal of the trip, but there was one big negative. Let's do good things first. 
Holy hell this place is stunning. The building is lovely, lavishly decorated. It has casual, relaxed feeling and incredibly friendly staff. The food is fabulous. I had the goats cheese starter and a pizza with just the right amount of sweet notes to it. Stephen had fish cakes to start and smoked haddock risotto. To finish we shared a gorgeously grown-up and brilliantly bitter chocolate torte. I would suggest you go visit except... 
A number of the vegetarian dishes on the menu contain parmasan. So not vegetarian then. And if they get that wrong what about the other cheeses? In these situations I tend to just rule out anything that is obviously not vegetarian, pick something and hope for the best. Honestly that's all I can do, what with the anxiety and everything. I can't always order for myself when we eat our, never mind asking the staff about ingredients. Now that I'm safely home I've sent a message off to the company and we'll see what they say about it. I hope things change because I would really like to eat there again. 
When we got back to the hotel Stephen asked if I wanted to walk in the garden. Then he started googleing the rules of croquet. So our walk turned into a mini match. I have no talent at croquet. And I noticed we were being watch by some people who had no doubt spent a fortune to eat in the Hotel's Restaurant. I admit though, it was fun.
So classy.

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