Thursday, 23 May 2013

Honeymoon In Bath: 20th May

This week is dedicated to writing all about our honeymoon in Bath, all of the cool places we saw and the fun places we ate. We're on our last day so time to say good bye and do a little shopping.

I'd learned my lesson, this time we went for breakfast before heading down to the spa. We went for a swim, hit the sauna and went back up to our room to pack. Checking out we left our bags at reception so we could get in some last minute shopping before hopping on the train.

Also ice cream. 

Yep, we went to the Real Italian Ice Cream company again. This time I had a scoop of chocolate and a scoop of candy floss. Stephen had two scoops of amaretto. Delicousness.

After the ice cream was thoroughly licked up we went to the wool shop. Wool is a friendly shop stuffed full of all types of yarn. I couldn't find any yarns from about Bath so I took home two balls of Blue Faced Leicester spun in Diggle which is either is Greater Manchester or West Yorkshire depending on your views of these things. Either way I used to live very close to it.

Good Northern Wool

Next stop was bijoux beads which sells the most stunning range of beads. I used to shop with them online regularly when I was more into jewellery making. If you're looking for something beautiful and distinctive it's a good place to shop. The eye candy in their Bath store is worth a visit alone. I was inspired by a couple of their display pieces and bought the beads to make variations on them. 

Of course we had to stop in Sally Lunns again. Downstairs you can buy buns to take home with you. We bought four. One was exceptionally useful for bribing Stephens Dad to give us a lift home from the train station. 
Eat Here!
But before we got on that train we two more stops. Our last meal was at the Green Rocket. Holy hell. If you can only eat at one place in Bath it's this one. The menu is all vegetarian with most of the options being vegan, plenty being gluten free and one was raw. They even have a charming children's menu. Each table had a small crop of micro vegetables or lettuce on it. Adorable.

Veg Tables
Stephen went for a Cornish Brie, English Asparagus and Spring Onion Tart. I went for the Egyptian Mezze. This really was the best meal of the week for me. Stunning, delicious, came with falafel. What more could you want. Those carrots nearly made me cry though. We had a spiralizer on the Wedding List, I wasn't upset about no body buying one for us until these delicious perfect carrots appeared on my plate. 
Stephen likes a good tart
Harvest Natural Foods was our last stop to pick up some nummies to have at home. We picked up some almonds to make milk and nut butters and some Tempeh for... tonight. All our shopping done we swung back to the hotel for our bags and hopped on a train. Exhaustedly happy after a very lovely honeymoon. 
Carrots my dreams are made of

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