Friday, 3 May 2013

The Wedding Post

So last Sunday, on our 5th anniversary  Stephen and I got married. Because there is so much I could write about it, I'm just going to limit myself to a run down of awesome local businesses that provides stuff for the wedding and the crafty bits I made myself. I'm almost certainly forgetting something, I'll try to edit as I remember them.

We got married at Kent's Cavern in Torquay. It was amazing. Getting married in a cave is the best thing ever. All of the staff are capital-L Lovely and they put out vegetarian nibbles for our drinks reception.

That cardigan is my after ceremony cardigan. With a big 'Just Married' design I felted across the back.

My amazingly kick ass boots came from Vegetarian Shoes. I just can't stop wearing them. So did Stephen's come to think of it. We're both big fans.

The guest book is a sketch book I covered with fabric. I'd embroidered a red tie and red dress on the fabric before hand.
Lunch for the wedding party was a portion of chips from Drake's in Babbacombe. Delicious. Especially after such an early start.

The card box was also hand made. After people insisted I have one.
In the evening a huge, beautiful and delicious buffet was put on by Occombe Cafe. Mostly vegetarian food with some salmon for Stephen.

Each of our guests went home with a chocolate that we had specially made by Cockington Chocolate Company.  I just loved them.

Of course big thanks to our family and friends. It was a real community effort to get our relationship to the legally binding stage. At least to get it there smoothly, and with a card box. Special thanks to Tom, for taking all the photos I've used in this post.

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