Saturday, 29 June 2013

Becoming A Joiner

It's not that I've never wanted to join a craft group before it's just that I haven't. I've got very close. I've googled stitch and bitch in every place I've lived. I joined a mailing list and moved out of the area before the next meeting. I went to a stitch and bitch, but couldn't work out how to get in the building and came away embarrassed. I emailed one last year, then had doctors appointment after doctors appointment and never could make it.

But a couple of Sundays ago I managed it. It helped that the meeting was on a Sunday morning, and a rainy Sunday morning so I couldn't go to the allotment. It also helped that I had Stephen helping me out the door ('what if I die?' 'you're not going to die' 'but what if I do?')

So I went to my first meeting of Knitting Group Torquay at the lovely Green Leaf Cafe. The first thing you need to know about this Knitting Group is that it's actually a mixed craft group. All crafts are welcomed, all crafts are encouraged. The second thing you need to know is that it's really friendly and now my calender has a permanent entry on Sunday mornings. If you're interested there is a group on facebook.

That's me. On a wheel... will someone buy me one please?
One of the best things about being in a group is sharing the knowledge. I mentioned that I spin on a spindle and I was told of a nearby spinners group. Totnes Spinners (their facebook) and after a quick chat I was offered a lift that allowed me to go to the monthly meeting.

For those keeping score it went like this. Sunday: Join knitting group, get told of spinners group. Friday: go to spinners group, have a blast. That's two new groups in one week. And part of a new skill. Because while I was at Totnes spinners I was allowed to try out on a wheel. I loved it. This new habit of joining is suiting me well.

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