Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Adventures In Supermarkets: Fish Free Scampi

Checking out the meat free section in strange supermarkets can be extremely rewarding, especially if your usual supermarket only has a small selection. So when I ended up in a different town and in need of some sausages I took a sneak peek at the rest of the vegetarian options and found myself coming home with Fish Free Scampi.

Okay, technical specifications. They do contain milk so they aren't vegan, I paid £2.60 for them, and they live with the chilled food. We cooked them up the next night. I had mine with a small salad and some carrot chips and then I bit into the scampi.

It's delicious, so let's get that out of the way first. It's delicious and it has a taste and texture extremely reminiscent of scampi. It's uncanny. It has the flaking thing going on and everything. We fell in love and gobbled them up pretty quickly. I think we'll be seeing these again. 


  1. I love wandering round different supermarkets - they always have new things to try, especially if the nearby ethnic mix is different to your local one. I've yet to encounter fish-free scampi though! Mind you, with the milk content, I couldn't eat them anyway ;)

  2. The 'ethnic' section is my favourite. I especially love the section marked 'ethnic vegetables'although I think there is something a liiiitle racist in the naming.