Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Grow Write Guild Prompt #8: Write about the plant that best encapsulates the essence of summer.

When I was a kid summer started with the daises and daffodils turning the lacklustre playing field into something that would make the most hardened dinner lady smile. It marked the time when the playing field became something we could play on rather than stare at from the tarmac. It marked the countdown to the summer holidays.
Everything to me

But now I'm older, I'm wiser, I'm hungrier. My plant of summer is still a plant that's as common as muck (just like me). It slots itself into hedgerows, growing beautiful parasols of delicate white flowers. Seeing the bloom makes me happy. Smelling it, I know it's summer. Cooking the flowers into a cordial? Well then it's summer all year round.

This is my love note to Elderflower. You make my year Sweetheart.

[This post was written as a response to the 8th prompt of Gayla Trail's Grow Write Guild. Check it out.]


  1. I am not familiar with Elderflower, I'm sure it must grow in my area, maybe it's not as commonly used here. I will have to seek it out. I like the photo showing the tiny blooms.
    Here is my post on the Essence of Summer:

  2. You are so lucky to have so much wild Elderflower! I have to ask, what's a "dinner lady"??

  3. What we called the women who looked after us in school at dinner time (translation from the North: the mid day meal)