Tuesday, 25 June 2013

A list of things I hate

Part of growing in an organic system is that you wait to see if you have a problem before dealing with it. So I have a problem. Or two.
Some people say this is fascinating animal behaviour, I say it's creepy


I knew we had ants nests on the allotment but I assumed that the disruption of digging the things over would have disrupted them enough for them to get the hell out. No. I still have ants. I hate them.

Yeah, just creepy
There where way more ants then we thought and even though I've personally put an end to three queens there are still far to many to grow successfully. They disrupt my seedlings, they eat my strawberries. They must be stopped. We're looking into traps.

Also evil, they are my favorites

Just... carnage
My usual slug prevention method is to over plant and remove them as I see them. Possibly because so much of the allotment still counts as wilderness we're still getting a lot of slugs. Too many places to hide. again they are decimating my crops and stopping any seedlings from getting past the adorable baby stage. We may have to take drastic action here.
Even the nasturtiums? It's so ON.

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