Saturday, 22 June 2013

Thinking Of You

I've finished the first project out of my honeymoon yarn, a delicious cap by Lee Meredith: Gentle On My Mind (on ravelry, on her website)
Captivating (see what I did there?)

I'm in love with her patterns. A lot are suitable for any weight yarn and readily customizable making them perfect for reclaimed yarn, hand spun and those special skeins of out of the ordinary fluff. The patterns are expertly written, often using unique constructions and never shying a way from a new technique to get you the best result. But they are also really beginner friendly, talking you through everything. That's without going into the aesthetic. The designs are bright, friendly, out of the ordinary and totally stylish.
The unruly hair shot
This pattern is the best of all that. Gaugefree: I knit this up in Blue Faced Leicester DK, which is unsurprisingly DK weight, and I'm tempted to do a super bulky one just for the variation. The construction is... okay I don't want to give anything away... it's awesome and unique, you don't have to pick up a million and seven stitches, and it's super easy if you just trust the pattern and follow it along. I also learned how to do a provisional crochet cast on for this project which I'd brag about if it wasn't all down to the instructions.

I really enjoyed knitting this and now it's off the needles I really enjoy the look. I named it Thinking Of You on Ravelry because honeymoon yarn.

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