Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Instant Books

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned getting a copy of How to Make Books. Since then I've been trying out making Instant Books.
My First Book
You know, just fold, fold, fold, cut? Like this. So it's super easy and I'm playing around with making them and writing them, wondering what I can use them for. I actually want to have the Brownies make their own book like this but as a leader it's always good to go in practised with something so... I've been indulging myself.
And apparently my first drawing. It's supposed to be a bag of flour, Stephen thought it was a tombstone

As there were just fun little test projects I was freed up from worrying about dyslexia or a shaky hand colouring outside the lines. I'm posting them here despite the aforementioned dyslexia and shakes to encourage you to play with some paper. It's the most fun I've had with a piece of A4 since... forever.
Don't open it, I'm warning you

My first book was a recipe book, because I've always wanted one, called wild garlic. It contains foraging advice, growing advice and my three wild garlic recipes. Then I made one for Stephen called Six hearts for Stephen  It's appallingly cute. It has a love heart on every page. Coz I love him.
Nooooo... it's too cute...
Make a book. Go on. I bet you have some paper lying around...

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