Thursday, 20 June 2013

Tempeh, Pepper and Spinach-Pesto Sandwich

This blog seems to be developing an unofficial theme were I post a picture of something delicious that I've made from Hearty Vegan Meals For Monster Appetites and then encourage you to go buy it and buy it now.

And really you do want to buy it now. You don't want to be that person who is still hungry after another not so satisfying meal thinking if only I'd listened to the loud red head with the quirky blog that never sticks to one topic.
Just... this. 
So last week's super satisfying meal was the Tempeh, Pepper and Spinach Pesto Sandwich. Really super satisfying. The creamy pesto dressing went great with sweet taste of the roasted peppers and everything goes well with the salt-sweet-smokey flavour of the marinated tempeh. It was a perfect mix of flavour and textures. There was some finger licking also. Another Hearty Meal I'm madly in love with.

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