Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Tour De Fleece: The Last Three Days

Final Statistics for ya.

Days Spinning: 3 (Friday 19th - Sunday 21st)
Weight Of Alpaca Spun: 10g
Number Of Rolags:  6
Amount of Plying: 250g


Number Of Days Carding And Spinning Three Rolags: 0
Days Overachieving: 1
Days Plying: 2

Spinning In Public

Spinning Group
Knitting Group
The Bach

Grand Totals

In 23 days
342g of Alpaca carded, spun and plyed
Measuring 500 meters 
With a wpi of 12 

I've also bought a fleece, spun in public nearly every day, visit my local guild, spun standing up, spun walking, worked with banana for the first time, fixed my slubby spots, blended soy and nylon for the first time, started my first art yarn, and met - both in real life and on ravelry - lots of fantastic, amazing knowledgeable spinners. 

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