Friday, 19 July 2013

Tour de Fleece Progress: Week 3

Vital Statistics

Days Spinning: 6! (friday 12th - sunday 14th, tuesday 16th- thursday 18th)
Weight Of Alpaca Spun: 135g, so I've spun 300g since the begging of the tour 
Number Of Rolags:  30, so 41 since the begging of the tour
Amount of Plying: 100g


Rest Day: 1
Number Of Days Carding And Spinning Three Rolags: 0
Days Overachieving: 5
Days Plying: 1

Media Consumed While Spinning

TV: DS9 (we're working our way through) Gilmore Girls
Podcasts: Just One More Row, Twinneedles,  Knitmore Girls
Films: Alice In Wonderland (which seems more creepy to me as an adult than it was to me as a kid), X-Men First Class (awesome as always) 

Spinning In Public

Knitting Group
Fleece Sale
In the park

New Skills

Spinning banana
Making punis
Does buying a fleece count as a skill?

Weight Of Illicit Banana Spun
None, honest

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