Thursday, 4 July 2013

Two Yarns

So this is the story of two yarns. One was spun on a borrowed wheel and the other on my spindle. I love them both.

Introducing Sunshine. I spun her in around an hour at Totnes Spinners. She is uneven, wobbly, a little unruly but this is the first yarn I've ever spun on a wheel. I'm keeping her as singles but I dyed her a bright yellow. This skein is earmarked for a sampler project.

My second yarn I named Otherworld. She started life as dyed roving from Little Owl Crafts. I adore the colours but the roving was a little felted, so I had to pre-draft. I've bought from Little Owl Crafts before and everything was fantastic so I guess this was just a bad batch. It won't put me off from buying from her again. And I think the work was more than worth it for these colours.

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