Friday, 5 July 2013

Tour de Fleece Progress: Week 1

Vital Statistics

Days Spinning: 6 (Saturday to Thursday)
Weight Of Alpaca Spun: 65g
Number Of Rolags: 21


Days Missed: 0
Number Of Days Carding And Spinning One Rolag: 0
Number Of Days Carding And Spinning Two Rolags: 0
Number Of Days Carding And Spinning Three Rolags: 5
Days Overachieving: 1 (I got 6 rolags out of Day 6!)

Media Consumed While Spinning

TV: Wild Shepherdess, Futurama
Podcasts: Knitmore Girls, Just One More Row
Films: Easy A

Spinning In Public

Torquay Knitters Group
Under a Tree
At The Pier

New Skills

Practising drawing out slubs as I go. I can most of the ones I spot. Need to get better at spotting.
Spinning standing up: Took me six day to get the hand of controlling a long leader but I did it!

Number Of Hot Chocolates Consumed


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  1. Thank you for inspiring me to give a blog update today...