Saturday, 17 August 2013

Keeping the iPod cosy

Let's be clear, I do not buy electronics expecting them to stay clean and untended. The best I can say is that I won't dunk them in a lake. Or at least when I do I won't blame the device for failing. I'm outside a lot. I'm muddy a lot. So if my phone develops muddy hand prints or my iPad get's dented... well I expected that.

This post may read like an apple advert but you can't even see my cute red iPod

Why then did I make an iPod cosy? Possibly I had maternal feelings for the little red tike. More likely is that it's smaller than the iPad so I wouldn't get bored knitting it. The pattern I made up as I want along. I started with Judy's Magic Cast On and knit up until my iPod fit all he way in. Then I turned it inside out because I decided I like the look if the purl bumps better and attached a loop and button.

Now my iPod is cosy.

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