Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Taunton Vegan Fair

Oddly enough this all started with me needing buttons. I thought we should go to Exeter to maximise the potential for cute buttons Stephen said we should go to Taunton instead. Why? Well he's read on twitter that there was a Vegan Fair that weekend and we've never been before. Sounds sensible to me.

The fair didn't open until 11 and we where talking one of the faster trains so we didn't have to get ridiculously early on Saturday. We didn't have to but we did anyway. We took our time getting dressed and still got stuck twiddling our thumbs. So we decided we'd get an earlier train, scope out where the fair was being held and pop into a nearby cafe for a snack.

How British
Our plan fell apart when we we got to the scoping part of the proceedings. The queue was already huge when we got there. We knew there where goodie bags on offer so I ignored the fact that I needed both the toilet and large amount of chocolate and went to the back of the line. It was a good natured line with lots of giggles so we where pretty happy and really excited to get in the gates.

A big bag of excitement
And to get our goodie bags. Thanks to our earlier train where were indeed one of the first 50 families in the door. A lot of people where asking us what was in them so here is the list:

Weleda pomegranate regenerating hand cream
Weleda pomegranate regenerating body lotion
Weleda citrus refreshing body oil
Green people shower gel
Green People body lotion
Green People sun lotion

Miles Original Teabag
Miles West Country Blend
Koko original + calcium
Provamel rice-coconut milk

Provamel choc pudding,
Suma Organic Tuscan Bean Soup
Doves Farm Figgy Flapjack
Tropical Wholefoods apricot and rasin bar

All in a great Taunton Vegan bag.

Best money ever spent

Inside there were three rooms and a courtyard full of awesome products, awesome people and free samples of food. I'm sorry I can't say more about some of the vendors but I was a little overwhelmed. I do remember that we got some great cupcakes from Ms Cupcake and a fabulous plate of free food though.

Mmmm free samples
It was a great event and Taunton is a charming town so we'll totally be back if there is another fair next year. if you are any closer to Taunton than we are then you should totally check out the other events that Taunton Vegans put on. They seem really cool.

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