Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The End Of An Adventure

So I dyed my yarn, picked some flowers, climbed a giant redwood, followed the footpath and came to turn home.

The diamond path took me to the end of my journey. I love the diamonds. They were great to knit, and the construction... so intelligent.

Diamond path

I really loved knitting this. The finished product I'm not sure about. Okay, I know I love it but I can also see some flaws. I think it's because I've seen all the spoiler pictures and now I'm questioning my choices but I'm not sure that middle section works. No that's not right either. I think it works but the other options look really great too.
Upside down

It's like when you can only pick one chocolate from the box without knowing what is inside and you end up wondering if you made the right choice. Yeah mine was delicious but could it have been better?

So I cast on a second project. Out of odd balls of yarn I took the gold rout, rushing straight through the start, climbing the bristle cone pine, playing in the river and heading home over the dipping track.

Little Adventure
It was another fun knit and is a cute bottle cosy. And to answer my earlier question I love both the cosy and my mitts equally but the cosy has brought me more luck. I won one of the draws at the end of the KAL. my prize? A $15 coupon of Leethal patterns.

As you can imagine I've already picked what I want to buy.

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