Thursday, 8 August 2013

Allium Harvest

With the leaves starting to dry and fall over it was time to pull our onions and garlic. I had a great time with the onions this year. I didn't want to put them into traditional rows or just mix them up and put them all over the place so I mixed the traditional rows with my more polyculture-mishmash by panting them in a row along the path. They grew up big and strong and I got about 15 this year. Not too bad considering how pain in the ass our plot has been. 

The garlic was disappointing. It barely formed cloves. I think the long cold spell knocked them back, they weren't able to put on weight before it was time for them to die off. We planted loads though so we ended up with a fair few bulbs even thought they are tiny.

Next year I want more onions probably around 25 white, 25 red. The quantity of garlic was okay. I guess I'll just have to prey for better conditions next year. And I'm hoping to get some shallots this year. We didn't have enough space at the right time to get them in this time around. Next year though.

While I'm waiting for next year I'm going to get some bhajis on. 

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