Sunday, 1 September 2013

Allotment Abundance and the Start of MoFo

September. The Vegan Month of Food. I'm so glad to be back. I'm going theme-less this year and I though we'd open with some very special food.
Sunday Harvest

Back at the begging of March we planted some Orla Potatoes. Orla are a blight resistant early with a fabulous taste. They are an all rounder leaning towards floury. Taste great sautéed or as chips. The skin is thin so I don't bother peeling it.

Vegan Hedgehog Substitute
We grabbed our forks, ripped them up and got some lovely spuds. We added to our harvest with chard, nasturtium pods, elderberry, french beans, asparagus peas and achocha (above). I'm looking forward to getting these on a plate. In the meantime happy eating everyone.


  1. Liking your harvest, I'm over run with beans, hence my theme for this years Vegan Mofo is everything bean like. I'm attempting a different bean recipe everyday!I've grown asparagus peas for the first time this year but I've never seen achocha, what does it taste like?
    Jasmine x

  2. Yum, what an awesome harvest. Happy MoFoing!

  3. Thanks for the comment. This is my first Achocha harvest, I've tried before to grow them but my site was too windy, so I'll find out how they taste later in mofo....