Monday, 23 September 2013

Gourmet Vegan Brussels Style Pate

Brussels Pate was a favourite in the days before I went veggie. The occasional treat brought out for supper, ordered in a restaurant and the starter to every Christmas dinner I can remember in my meat eating days. A smooth mixture of pork and pork liver, with some other stuff. A little gross really but I have fond memories.

Those memories made me a little dubious about trying the VBites version But in the spirit of Vegan Mofo I thought I'd give it a go. I liked it! I really did. As a straight up comparison it doesn't have the same sort of gelatinous quality I remember and maybe it is a bit too smoky but it definitely hits a nostalgic spot.


  1. My parents always had pate when I was little but I've never heard of the Brussels version. I think this might be something I couldn't bring myself to eat, but I bet this is much better than the non-vegan version!

  2. I guess if you weren't the type of person that would ever eat pigs liver a pigs liver replacement won't sound appetising.