Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Pickled Nasturtium Capers

When I first went vegetarian I was surprised to learn I could still eat capers. Don't laugh. I had read of them tasting like anchovies and they kind of look a bit like cockles. So I just sort of wrote them off as posh cockles and avoided them.

Eventually I learned the error of my ways and learned to love capers. This isn't the story of how I need a caper substitute because they aren't vegetarian (because they are) or the story of how I need to replace them because I hate them (I don't) This is a love song to nasturtiums.

Picking the pods an entire hair colour ago (or Sunday. You can call it Sunday)

Nasturtiums are the plant that keeps on giving. I can't imagine a veg garden without them. I'm currently using them as a ground cover for my raspberries. And as a sacrificial crop to dump cabbage whites on. And for their leaves. And for their flowers... To complete the cycle I need to use the pods.

I've snacked on the pods straight from the garden. They tasted like a freshly picked apple with a hint of horseradish. You'll know if that is something you want because you'll have just gone "ewww... indeed?" It's hard to describe, you might as well try it.

Prepare to Pickle

Now I'm growing allotment nasturtiums rather than balcony ones I finally have enough to pickle. 150g, brined over night, covered with vinegar. In a couple of weeks they'll be caper like. I followed the recipe from Preserves: River Cottage Handbook


  1. I planted these flowers with the express intention of pickling the seed pods. But none of my flowers bloomed. I have a black thumb! Looks awesome though! :)

    1. Oh no! You didn't feed them or be nice to them in any way did you? They hate that. Contrary creatures.