Monday, 16 September 2013

The Honesty Box

Honesty boxes are my favourite way to shop. You're diving down a country road and someone has a little stall of jam, produce or handicrafts waiting for you to buy. And how do you pay without an owner in site? Just put your cash in the honesty box.

I've seen them dotted around a few places in rural England but the undoubted capitol of the honesty box is Cornwall. I'm not lucky enough to be there right now but I do live in the next door neighbour county where I've been lucky enough to pick this stuff up.

Jam, apples (cooking and eating) and runner beans in much bigger portions than I could fit in the picture. All for less than £2 on the way back from the beach. I honestly love it.


  1. It is such a lovely idea, and I like to think that most people are honest when they see them! Nice haul :)

  2. I imagine most people are honest. If someone is really underselling (like this person) themselves we'll put in a but extra.