Friday, 10 January 2014


I've been craving a big, squishy, black bulky weight hat all winter and with the cold weather starting to hit (or is it... weather can you make up your mind?) it was about time to cast on. Then I cast off. It's a bulky hat. Doesn't take long.
If I make a silly enough expression people won't notice that this is another corridor pic right?

This is Leethal's Haka, the plain version. The yarn is Rico Design Essentials Super Super Chunky. It's probably a bit too super, super chunky for the pattern. I had to work with ten fewer stitches to compensate. Or perhaps it was the Hot Pink Kid Silk Haze that I held with it? That will add bulk right?

Thin Yarn: Huge Effect
I actually gave up using silk a few years ago but I still have some left in stash. I consider it wasteful to throw it away and there are no complete balls for me to gift so I'm just trying to use it up the best I can. Although there is nothing I can do to stop myself buying silk seven years ago I do feel a little guilty. If I wanted the same effect from new yarn I'd probably go for Crystal Palace Kid Merino.

If I wiggle my ear-flaps can I fly?
The hat is cute snugly and comfy and if it ever does settle into a proper winter I'll be glad of the warmth. Or I could take it to visit the family. It's cold up north right?


  1. This hat is so amazing!! I love how you've added the strand of kidsilk haze. I have a ball of it I was trying to think of what to do with and holding it with something else fits the bill nicely.

    1. Thanks, I really love how the mohair halo covers a lot of the hat. Even when you don't get a full strand there is usually a bit of hot pink fluff coming through.