Thursday, 9 January 2014

A Winkle In Time

I usually make a point of posting modelled photos of the things I knit. Partly it's a political thing about how women shouldn't have to hide just because they aren't perfect. Mostly it's because I rely on modelled photos when choosing what to make so I like to share my own. So I present this stairwell shot with apologies because I've been trying to get a good picture of this shawl for weeks but even when the sun came out it was too windy to take a decent picture. As we shall see. 

The pattern is Martina Behm's Miss Winkle and I knit it as part of the Knitmore Girl's Behmalong. It was a fabulous knit. the pattern is easy enough. There are two special manoeuvres that you'll have to pull off but they are explained really well, with multiple pictures in the pattern. It keeps things just interesting enough. The pattern hits the sweet spot between total mindlessness and not having to work really hard to understand. Which means it's easy to pick up and put down, easy to knit on the go and easy to knit socially.

That's my 'I'm about to blow away' face
The pattern also spends a lot of time on rows that are just the right length. You know what I mean? There is a point were, when you start triangle shawls from the point, there are too few stitches. It's the bit where you spend more time turning the needles around and getting ready to go in the opposite direction than making stitches. At the other side of the... triangle... there are those long edges that are so demoralising because they never seem to end. It's probably more efficient but it looks like you're making no progress. Again, this pattern hits right in the middle. It's just a stress free pleasant knit. 

This is my 'despite my glasses the wind burns' face
The yarn is lovely one too. It's a superwash wool, nylon and sparkly stuff blend from Easy Knits called Twinkle in the colourway Time Lord which is exclusive to Purl City Yarns in Manchester. Although I bought mine last Christmas they have more in stock now. Just in case you are in the area. It's a strong, snugly, really attractive yarn. As it's superwash can throw the shawl in the machine when I get mud or ketchup on it. Which happens more often than it should.

5% sparkles!
So it's finally happened, I matched a perfect pattern and a perfect yarn. Now it's the perfect accessory. 

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