Wednesday, 8 January 2014

How It Took Me Six Months To Knit A Pair Of Socks

Back in August I started knitting a pair of socks. I'm trying to knit seven pairs of plain Houdini Socks and these would be my third. But this time I was going to be professional. I bought some short, sock length Brittany Birch needles to replace my big, rough, bamboo needles.

The tip toe

They were great. The shorter length made my knitting more efficient because I was spending more time making stitches and less time lining my needles up. I was racing through them. First one foot print and then the other. Okay so I only got through a quarter of the second foot print before stalling.

Why? Well I realised sock sized DPNs weren't really for me. This isn't the fault of Brittany Birch, I love their needles, this is pure Clare Stupidity. See those little needles don't go well with my habit of chucking wips into the bottom of my handbag and generally just dragging them around. I lost one, put in the spare and lost that too.

So I went out and replaced them with longer needles. Because no efficiency saving is worth it if you can't knit on your socks for five months. Luckily they are now bound off and living happily in the sock drawer. And I learned me lesson: I can never be trusted with anything.

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