Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The First Three Yarns

Just before Christmas my present arrived. I was a very good girl and waited until Christmas to open it. Just kidding, it was opened as soon as it came. I couldn't really help myself. After all inside was my shiny new spinning wheel.

It's an Ashford Joy 2, and I love it. It's a portable wheel so everything folds away into a neat little package ready to be carried all about the place. It's really light even with the double treadle so I can walk around without breaking my back. I got the travel case to go with it and I'm really impressed with that too. It's a sturdy bag with plenty of space to stash your extras. I also got some fibre. So let's look at the yarn I've made.

You'll recognise the background as the only place with light in my flat

To play with I got 200g of BFL which I spun up, trying to do nothing but make a yarn. I kind of succeeded. I made it into a 2-ply and dyed it with red, turquoise and pink because that's what my hair has been doing lately.

It looks like yarn?

Yarn number two comes from trusty alpaca Chieftain. I tried for a thinker single this time and made a three ply out of them. I was pleased with the consistency. It's not 100% but it's an improvement. I love the chocolate brown bulky alpaca that came out of it.

mmm... chocolate

Then for my third yarn I thought I might try something different so I took some dyed BFL and spun thick and thin singles. I took my chunky funky singles and plyed them with commercial thread. Which is amazing fun. Incredible amazing fun. Even if I had to stop a couple of times to shove the yarn through the orifice.

Thick and Fun

Good writing dictates that I use my final paragraph to sum up everything else I've written. So... I love spinning and my wheel and yarn and... You know what I'm too excited to write paragraph that you'll actually enjoy reading so here is a picture of my bobbin:

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