Saturday, 25 January 2014

V-Bites 48-Piece Party Pack

On Christmas day we had a selection of snacks from the V-Bites 48-Piece party pack. I kind of forgot to blog about it and was going to send the pictures on a quick trip to the recycle bin when I saw that they are still available on the website. You can get them here. Before we get in to the specifics I'll tell you now that you want to.

I have fond memories of the buffets at family parties and little snack foods always hit the spot. As well as the nostalgia factor these snacks win for me on taste. Any person would win me over putting cute veggie snacks like these in their Christmas Party line up (Ahem. Mum). I'm also going to offer up Stephen's opinions because it's always fun to hear from both of us. We are picky in completely different ways.  

In the box we have:

8 Mini Quiche Lorraines

This was one snack where Stephen and I split. He thought they where too smoky, I thought they where fantastically smoky. Granted a full sized one would have been too strong but I was happy with the flavour for a small mouthful.

8 Cheezly & Tomato Pizza Bites

A little basic perhaps but always a firm favourite. Would have preferred round mini pizzas though.

8 Pepperoni Style Pizza Bites

I didn't think this would be one for Stephen as he doesn't like anything with a hint of spice but we both liked the pepperoni. Again, would have loved it on a proper little base.

8 Mini Meat Style Samosas 

I love vegetable samosas. Adore them. Really. So I've never in my life seen the need for fake meat samosas. Nevertheless I really enjoyed these. I see more Meat Style Samosas in my future. Stephen? Not so much. Too spicy for him.

8 Mini Duck Style Spring Rolls

One bite of the Duck Style Spring rolls and I was in heaven. A little heavy on the spice but even so. Really delicious. Again too spicy for Stephen.

8 Mini Pork Style Sausage Roll with Cranberry

Role reversal time. I didn't like these. I'm not a pork(style) fan and I don't really like dried fruit in things. Stephen, however, ate these up with a spoon. A metaphorical spoon of enthusiasm. He actually used his fingers.

What do I think of the full set? Well throw in some vegetables, hummus, and those onions on cocktail sticks and you can call it a party.

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