Friday, 24 January 2014

The New Black Floral Skirt

I recently replaced a skirt. To put it better: I recently replaced the skirt. It was an a-line skirt made from a black satin with floral embroidery. I bought the fabric from the market in Huddersfield and made it up on my sewing machine when it was brand new and the most expensive thing I'd ever bought. An honour only recently taken by my Vitamix.

Shown here with my Tulip Top
I was a beginner sewer and keen to cut corners. My seams were... not entirely straight. I couldn't press in my room. My hem was a mess. In a lot of my earlier skirts I'd just turn up the selvedge rather than do any sort of edging treatment. Putting those skirts on now is an embarrassment. I hope nobody ever sees the inside.

The problem is that I made these skirts to wear them as quickly as possible. Which is fine until I find myself wearing them six years later. I mean if I'm going to wear a skirt out after putting it on almost every week, often twice, for six years I want to be proud of the damn thing.

Spot the difference

I picked out a cute floral baby cord and cut using my old skirt as a guide. I pressed meticulously. I turned and stitched my seams because it's less messy than a zigzag and looks darling in the baby cord. This time I did my hem by hand so nobody can see my shameful stitches.

Is it really wrong to be in love with your seams?

I'm in love with this one and it will be interesting to see, when it wears out, what I'll find to criticise  improve about my sewing in the future.

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