Friday, 7 February 2014

I bought a book: Prashad

If there is one thing properly represented on my bookshelf it's Indian food. Indian food as cooked in various parts of India, Indian food for the white British pallet, British Asian home cooking... I have a lot of books is what I'm saying. So I didn't think I needed a copy of Prashad Cookbook but I was wrong.

 I saw it deeply discounted and picked up a copy. It was Indian food - it was vegetarian Indian food - so I was pretty sure I could find something in it. Even if I didn't a quick glance told me that it was stunning and had such warm, friendly introductions to the recipes that it was worth buying just for that.

Then I found things that I actually wanted to cook. The Bombay Bataka, a take on Bombay potatoes, sounded appetising in a way Bombay potatoes never had to me. I bought the ingredients that night and soon presented Stephen with a bowl full. Stephen, the spice sceptic. I toned down the chilli but otherwise left the recipe intact. He loved it. Knowing I was on to a good thing last night I served the same potatoes with the Paneer Tikka. It was the best thing either of us had eaten in a long time.

We actually said 'nom' as we ate it.

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