Friday, 21 February 2014

Rainbowllenics: The Putin Punchers

One of the events in the Ravellenics is the Rainbowllenics where we knit rainbow things as... well the description says for any reason but most of us are in it for the solidarity with GSM people in Russia. I bought myself two balls of Crystal Palace Mochi Plus in the colour intense Rainbow and decided to make a pair of Maine Morning Mitts. The Mochi Plus made a cute rainbow until...

You know what? I accept that it's convention to tie knots in ends on yarn to make whole ball up. I think it's crap but I accept it. But why, if you are going to do that, would you mess with the colour progression so badly? In the end, to get the matching rainbow I ended up with little five balls from the mochi and more joins than I wanted.

In the end I got these adorable mitts and the patten was lovely, simple and well thought. I'm pleased with the finished affect but I have an entire ball's worth left which won't join into a continuous progression.  At least I have my mitts.

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