Thursday, 20 February 2014

Loving Liesl

Off the needles, blocked and pictured is the Liesl I knit for the Ravellenic Games. I thought that, along with the pictures, I might offer some insight into why I picked this pattern.

One Grumpy Face

Why do I have an obsession with bulky cardigans is probably the first question I need to answer. I'm aware that most people don't think they look good but I think the key is picking a pattern were you can tell the bulk is in the cardigan and not you. Cardigans are better then jumpers at this because you can always open a couple of buttons to show the shape underneath. But why going to the effort of finding one that flatters? Well I just think that they look more whimsical than their finer counterparts. Some people use whimsical as an insult. I'm not one.

One Silly Face

So then why Liesl in particular? Well a lacy bulky cardi is great for the in-between days. The days when you don't want to put your coat on but can't exactly manage jeans and t-shirt. Which is what we have instead of winter most of the time here in Torquay, at least it feels that way to my Northern Blood. I've had my eye on Liesl for a bit then but it wasn't until I saw this one (think you have to be logged into rav to view it) that I knew I had to make it out of handspun. Which is why the yarn was one of the first projects I did on my wheel.

As my other Ravellenics project seems to be finding reasons to be pissed at the Russian government may I direct you here.

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