Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Storm Damage and Spring Promise

We've had some storms recently but as we live in a flat on top of a hill with only a distant view of the sea we didn't suffer any damage here. The allotment however? Well until today we hadn't got chance to check. When I did I found this: 

Our green house door has detached and deposited glass about the place. In the back ground you can see the pond being dug out. Unfortunately the weather didn't get the hole any deeper for us. 

One of the compost heap filled with plastic that the last occupants left (...thanks) for us lost it's front 

I was initially worried about the olive tree as it seems to have gone brown. I examined the leaves and this is just mud. Caking the leaves a foot off the ground. Shows how heavy the rain was. 

Was gratified to see this though. My onions have grown, nice and tall. Last time I saw them they were just bulbs. I'd covered them with chicken wire to discourage bratty birds. Seeing their heads up let's me know spring is on it's way. 

Which means I really need to get sowing next week...

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