Thursday, 20 March 2014

After The Knitting

I usually talk about a project here after I'm all bound off and happy but knitting doesn't stop there. I wear what I make. In some cases I wear them out. This is the after the knitting report: how did all that yarn hold up?

The Project: Colourful Houdini

The Yarn: Regia Mosaik Color 4-fadig/4-ply


How Much Wear: Finished in December 2012 this was my first pair of well fitting hand knit socks. They got up to four wears a week in their first few months and are still part of my regular rotation.

How Did It Wear: Like Iron. The heel and toe are both doing well despite my tendency to wear through heels lightning quick. There's a slight halo now, but nothing too unsightly.

Buy It Again: If I see it again I'd love too. I already have a different pattern of Regia sock yarn in stash.

The Project: Konnichiwa

The Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash


How Much Wear: Finished this (2014) January but have still had a lot of use as I use them as a bed sock

How Did It Wear: Meh. It's quite full of pills. but they do spend a lot of time under a duvet so I'm not disappointed.

Buy It Again: For a project with less wear perhaps...


The Project: Putin Punchers

The Yarn: Crystal Palace Mochi Plus


How Much Wear: Yes, these were finished just one short month ago. I've worn them only on my hands when I'm doing nothing with them and yet...

How Did It Wear: Let's just say it didn't. It pilled just from being worn under my coat cuffs. I expect little strength from such a lofty single but this is ridiculous.

Buy It Again: No.


The Project: Autumn Evening 

The Yarn: Easy Knits Deeply Wicked 


How Much Wear: All the time. During storms, at the allotment, walking to the shops. In places it's likely to get mud on it or tomato sauce.

How Did It Wear: Again, like iron. Can always be trusted to go into the wash and come out fine.

Buy It Again: Already have.



  1. I have knitting jealously! I love the socks, I would so love to have some cute chunky socks to go with my boots. I must learn to knit! Any advise for where to start? I guess the best place to begin would be knitting squares? I know nothing about knitting .. at all..

    1. If you had a good local wool shop or knitting group someone there would be able to give hands on instruction.

      If not then I suggest getting a copy of Stitch N Bitch and following the instructions there. There's a post on my three favorite beginner books here:

      I keep meaning to write a post on internet resources. There's the classic which has videos and which has learn to knit instructons and free projects.

      I suggest starting with a square swatch first and then moving onto something you'll love. Take it from me you don't want your first project to be a 6ft scarf. You'll never want to wear it.