Wednesday, 12 March 2014

How I Accidentally Started Making Cheese

While I was I Chester the other week something happened. Something that wouldn't have happened if I was walking through Exeter. The problem is impulse purchases.

You're walking around close to home and you see something in Lakeland that you kind of want and it would be such a good idea to buy it and blah blah blah. But you're at home and busy thinking about what you have to do tomorrow and your inner gump says 'no, don't neeed that'. When you are on holiday, though, and your good sense is gone. Which is why this is now living on my bookshelf:

Yeah, that's a cheese making kit. It has everything you need to make ricotta, mascarpone and mozzarella with the exception of milk and pans. And I bought it because I was on holiday. I don't regret it a bit though because cheese is awsome.

Mascarpone seemed like a good first option so I bought some double cream, added a bit of acid and went to town. It's amazingly easy and so much fun.

Of course then I had mascarpone on hand. I stirred it into some tomato sauce. Amazingly simple and amazingly yummy.

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