Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Proper Tea

We've been away - both from the blog and from the flat - but now we're back. While usually that would mean some posts on where we went I... well I smashed my camera. So we're light on holiday content. Cast your mind back to the Saturday before last though for this...

We arrived in manchester after a long, somewhat depressing, train journey. The train line connecting our part of devon, and everything further west, to the rest if the country torn to bits and Summerset is so flooded that it could be mistaken for the sea. So we arrived in manchester late, sore and both frightened and awed by the power if the weather.

After the obligatory stops - Purl for yarn and V Revolution for primal strips - we made a pilgrimage to Proper Tea. Proper Tea is the sister (cousin? related anyway) shop to the fabulous Teacup so you can trust that it provides lovely tea in a friendly atmosphere. The space is rented from Manchester Cathedral you also get an amazing architectural as you drink. Just an added bonus.

I ordered the hot chocolate, it's too bitter for Stephen's taste but I find it rich and devilishly delicious. Stephen had a beautifully presented Rosy Grey. An Earl Grey mixed with fabulous florals. Proper Tea serves their tea - loose leaf - in one teapot and when the timer counts down to the perfect time you strain it into a second. It turns a drink into a ritual and ensures that it tastes fabulous.

Even I was impressed by the Rosy Grey and I don't drink tea. Every chance I got I greedily stole sips from Stephen. Some he knew about, some he didn't. Then as I went back to my hot chocolate the staff brought round a sample of Cacao Vanilla - a real treat.

Am I a tea convert? If anyone can make me one it's Proper Tea. And until I'm fully brought round I'll keep going back for the Hot Chocolate and charming staff.


  1. I want that Tea Pot! I see it has a spring or something in it to catch the herbs.

    1. Yeah there is a spiral in there to strain the tea out. They're really lovely.