Monday, 7 April 2014

And Now For Something Completely Similar

The genesis of this project lies in the ability of my knitting group to enable each other. I asked if anyone else was doing the Ravellenic games. Nobody was or, at least, nobody intended too. After I talked about it, a little bit incessantly, one of them decided to knit the understated Same Thing Only Different. Being different myself I decided to copy her.

The pattern is more of a recipe really. You plug in your yarn and choose between options and get a poncho. You have to have your thinking cap on a bit while knitting. One part of the pattern told me to knit for x inches but didn't say where to measure from. I removed all doubt by knitting until my yarn ran out. 

The yarn in question was the last two balls of Crystal Palace Kid Merino I had in my stash. I bought it years and years ago to make a lace shawl before I realised that it was a bad idea in black lace weight mohair when I've never knit a lace shawl before in my life. It works well here though. Light, stylish and a little bit rebellious. Like me. Only not light, I ain't a small woman. Or stylish. Or... well I'm really enjoying wearing this anyway. 

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