Tuesday, 8 April 2014


The last cheese recipe I had to make crom the the kit  was Ricotta. I saved this till last because I had no idea what I'd do with the ricotta. I really only eat cheese raw, and generally only use mozzarella for cooking  and Ricotta has never really made it's way into my life.

There once was an ugly duckling

I thought I'd just make it and figure out what to do with it when it was done. It was fun to make. I got to use the cute little ricotta basket. I think the curds ended up a bit too solid so the finished cheese wasn't as uniform as I'd like but it was quick, painless and tasty.

With feathers all stubby and brown
As a pasta maker has come into our life - borrowed from Stephen's parents while I develop a recipe - I thought I could use the ricotta to stuff some pasta. And what is my favorite stuffed pasta in all the world? Rhetorical question, it's okay if you don't know it's not like we're married or anything. Unless you are Stephen. Stephen you should totally know this... It's cannelloni!

And the other birds said in so many words
So I made some really quite ugly and misshapen pasta sheets which I then tore while cooking. I stuffed them with ricotta and spinach and slathered on tomato sauce. Bafflingly, deceptively, easy. And the broken pasta got covered up in the end so who cares. I'm only showing you the picture to prove it doesn't have to be perfect to be good. In fact the cannelloni was so easy to make that it's probably going to go in the regular rotation.

Nom, nom, nom, nom
I'm quite pleased with myself really. And my Mad Millie Cheese Kit.

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