Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Introducing... Eat Your Wild Garlic the Free DIY Zine

The second of my DIY Zines is now ready for you to print and read. This one is all about wild garlic. It has growing tips, picking tips and two recipes. One is for the Wild Garlic Crackers, seen on these pages before, and the other is for Wild Garlic Pasta which is exclusive to this zine. 

On the hob
They are two of my favorite recipes. And my two favorite Wild Garlic Recipes. We had the pasta last night after foraging some wild garlic on my way through town. It tastes amazing. Eating pasta you've made yourself feels indulgent and luxurious but really it's simple. You make a dough, leave it for a bit, roll it out and boil it. The actual hands on time is about 20 minutes.

On the plate
No matter what you make with it you should Eat Your Wild Garlic. To get a copy of the zine print off the A4 Version or the Letter Version and fold it up following the directions here. Then you'll have your very own copy of Eat Your Wild Garlic. 

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