Monday, 14 April 2014

Bunny Nuggets

We had a bit of a long weekend which I'm following with a bit of a short post (forgive me) about last week's normal sized weekend and the mischief I got up to.

It started on friday night with a pressing and slightly inexplicable need to knit a Bunny Nugget out of some of my leftovers. Bunny Nuggets are a cute little stuffed bunny designed by Rebecca Danger and the pattern is free. Apparently they inspire impulse knitting in some of us. But apparently they don't like to be alone. Some how by Saturday I'd started a Bunny Nugget production line.

I'd knit the body, with slight variations on the placement of the decreases so they don't all look the same, I'd knit two ears, then I'd add them to a pile. Once I had five knit up I started sewing them together and tucking in ends. For my next trick I made five identical pompoms and attached them to the bunny bottoms. After that it was time to apply the faces. I needle felted contrasting colours on in a variety of expressions. Then all that was left was stuffing and sewing.

I assume most readers have never seen the inside of my flat. Let's just say that I have more than enough cute, cuddly stuffed animals. Stephen's Office however is ripe for the... invasion. And that's how Stephen went to work with five noisy, naughty bunnies who adopted their own people and now play about the place.

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