Thursday, 8 May 2014

Me Made May 2014: Week One

Following on from last thursday...

On Fridays I volunteer at the local zoo. Sorting out food, cleaning poo off things. I come home smelling like fish so I try not to wear clothes I like. I do wear wool socks though. Inevitably my feet will get wet and the wool socks mean that they stay warm. These are the Miner's Socks. With the photo taken at the same time as my lunchbox.

TorqEat, of course, on Saturday. Tucking into my indian food in my potato printed cardigan (I didn't wear glasses when I made this. What?). I love this and wear it all the time. It's starting to fall apart now though. I should really think about making another. I think, whatever happens I will wear this until it's nothing but a thread.

On Sunday for knitting group and a walk about town I covered my shoulders with my incredibly versatile, hardly ever off my shoulders Same Thing Only Different.

Sunday I dressed for practicality again and head down to the allotment. Making things a bit more interesting, and keeping the hair out of my eyes, was the chequered headband.

A-line skirt  (this isn't the best picture of it admittedly) made to be a wear everyday kind of thing and really does get worn all the time.

And to round off the first week I wore my reconstructed teletubbies t-shirt. It's just how I roll good sir.

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