Wednesday, 7 May 2014

I bought a book: Drawing Food: A Journal

Here is a problem I'm presented with: I like to draw, I enjoy doing it, sometimes though it's too hard to think of what to draw. The effort to figure out what to draw takes more brain power than I often have. So I don't draw and that's sad. because I like to draw and I don't like atrophy. I saw a copy of Drawing Food shopping in Manchester and I didn't buy it. I regret not buying it so much that in a fit of insomnia I ordered a copy.

So what is inside? It starts with a set of lessons encouraging you to draw things using different materials. You start with a Simple Line Drawing with Pencil and finish with one too so you can see how you've improved. In the middle you use pastels, pencils, colouring pencils and make all sorts of different lines and marks and shades. There's some fun things to try.

I didn't actually consider that this book might not be suitable for vegetarians but twice you're called on to draw meats and dairy. Whatever. Tofu is better.

Fruit and Veg practise
After the lessons you get 52 weeks of prompts like 'A Food I've Never Tried Before' to get you drawing. And it's exciting. I think this is going to end up being both a challenge to my pencil and to my pallet. Especially as I go out to restaurants and try new foods just to draw them. Despite the meat I really recommend this to anyone who wants to play a bit more with their food.

If you want to follow along what I do then I'll be periodically posting pages over here. I'm posting a sketch a day even if they suck (especially if they suck?) to give me motivation to draw something, anything.

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