Tuesday, 6 May 2014


This weekend Torquay's harbour side was home to TorqEat. Which is a food festival. don't blame me I didn't eat it. There are lots of good things about the food scene in the South West (vegetables, tofu, jam!) but

I always feel a bit funny going to these events. At the end of the day I'm a vegetarian teetotaller who wishes she were cool enough to be called straight edge and this part of the world is famous for it's fish, pasties and cider. So what is there going to be for me? There was some disappointment - if I could force everyone to stop putting parmesan in their 'vegetarian' options I would - but I came home full, happy and a bit poorer than I started off.

Let me introduce you to Seasonal Samosa. They proudly told me that all off their products where vegan (be proud of it. Rock on.) and gave me a little sample. In return I bought one of everything. Then I made a little tweet:

I'm not going to say anyone listened to me. I'm not delusional or anything. but I do have to say that when I went back on Sunday for more (yes it was that good!) they'd sold out of most things. I bought plate of wadi and some of their garam massala blend to keep myself going. I wish I'd been able to get another platter though. Check out the first one:

I'll admit now that the platter left me a bit thirsty. So it was off to find a drink. That wasn't cider. Luckily we came across The BloomBerry Juice Company who make 'fabulous non alcoholic drinks'. Now I'm fabulous and non alcoholic (though I draw the line at being called a drink) so we tried their samples and took home a big bottle of the one we both agreed on: Apple Blueberry and Lavender. If I'd have known about them (and the Seasonal Samosa) before we got married then... god what could have been.

Of course we can't leave a food fair without getting something sweet. Also relish, cake, tarts and pies but we didn't get pictures of them. Stephen has been obsessed with macarons since going to Bath Farmer's Market so we picked up some from Frandie Macaron

And, you know, that kept us full for the rest of the day.

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