Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Lerro and a Giveaway

I was lucky enough to get to test Lerro, an awsome new shawl by Lee Meredith. It's a striped shawl that takes advantage of slipped stitches to create cool patterns. The base pattern is in fingering weight with lots of cool patterning but there is also a simple variation - the one that I knit - that can be made in any weight.

I got to test it in aran weight and chose the so soft, so fluffy Artesano Aran. I think I'm slightly obsessed with this yarn actually. There was a little moment at the yarn shop where I couldn't decide which two colours went best together, had a staff member come over the help and after the tenth minute of the chin scratching my Mum just picked up two colours that had been next to each other the whole time and I went with them. Inchard and Walnut.

The knitting was so much fun. The construction is modular so you work on the top edge, then the body then the bottom edge. You cast on 18 stitches and bind off 10. It's delightful. Even I can count to that.

Off the needles it's amazing to wear. I know not everyone sees the practicality of an aran weight shawl But I like to throw them on instead of a jacket when it's just not warm enough to go around with your shoulders bare. Perfect for breezy evenings or when I just can't resist going into the water.

So onto the give away. Part of my reward as a tester was a coupon code of $6 off any Leethal pattern. Lee has allowed me to share this with you. It's enough to buy a copy of the Lerro which includes the pattern for both the simple and full variation of the shawl but you can use it for anything Leethal.

Really simple conditions of entry. One entry each, contest closes midday (BST) on the 25th June and a name will be drawn at random.

All you need to do is post your Ravelry name below (so I can send you the coupon if you win) and if you're feeling up to it tell me which Leethal Pattern you'd like to knit.

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