Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Zwartbles, fresh from the bobbin.

My Dad came to visit a few weeks ago. He stayed in a rental cottage and I went to hang out with him. I took my wheel and the 113g of scoured Zwartbles I got from the John Arbon Textiles mill sale back in April.

If you ask the Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook (and I always do) it will tell you that Zwartbles is coloured - much like my fading hair right now - brown to black, with a disorganised crimp and 'unarguably springy'.

I decided I wanted a woolen spun here and teased my fibre into lovely rolags. On the wheel it felt like a struggle to get the singles fine so I didn't bother. Made into a three ply it's DK weight, although it would benefit from being knit as an aran and allow it to bounce out into that space. The spring makes it feel alive. Give it a quick cuddle and it will spring back as quickly as possible.

It's not soft but I think I could wear it against the skin. I'm not terribly sensitive. I think I'll make a hat though. something plain to say 'behold my handspun'.

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