Monday, 16 June 2014

Socks, Pair Six

I'm back, my digestive system is back. Let's rock.

I haven't been eating an array of exotic foods during my unscheduled break from blogging so we'll start with knitting. I have been knitting up a storm. Starting with these socks.

This is my sixth pair of the houdini socks worked with a plain cuff. You may remember that I'm trying to knit seven plain pairs of these. Its a resolution that has been working out really well for me lately: slipping wool socks on as I come out of the sea, taking them camping, wearing them as I hose things down and pressure wash. I love that even when they are wet (with sea water or welly sweat) they keep my toes at the right temperature.

Pair six then is knit out of the fabulous, lovely Exmoor Sock that I bought back in April. Onto pair seven...

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